ESQ Recruiting is the largest legal recruiting firm in the United States to specialize exclusively on the placement of in-house attorneys.
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ESQ Recruiting is a national legal recruiting firm dedicated exclusively to the recruitment of attorneys and legal professionals for companies in the United States and around the world.

Our legal headhunters conduct searches ranging from general counsels to a company’s first in-house counsel, and everything in between. We offer nothing less than the best legal recruiting services for your entire in-house attorney search and recruitment services needs.

Our attorney recruiting services have been used by companies and corporate legal departments of all sizes in a wide range of industries. We successfully recruit in-house attorneys at all levels and across various legal disciplines. It is our national legal recruiting approach, extensive network of legal recruiters, and in-house attorney search specialization that allows us to effectively handle your legal staffing requirements.

Established since 2007, ESQ Recruiting has developed an executive legal recruiting network that allows us to provide high-quality legal recruiting services to our clients in every city in the United States. With offices in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, we operate from coast-to-coast with an extensive network of legal recruiters, delivering general counsel recruiting, attorney recruiting, and other professional legal recruiting services.

As a legal search firm specializing in in-house attorney recruiting, our vision at ESQ Recruiting is simple: For our attorney recruiters to expertly match your specific requirements to deliver the perfect match.

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Find out why ESQ Recruiting is the best legal recruiting firm in the United States specializing in in-house attorney search.

We are a legal recruiting firm with a global reach. ESQ Recruiting has developed a legal recruiting network that enables us to conduct attorney searches locally, nationally, and globally.

We do not only recruit across the country through our attorney recruiters located in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, but also through strategic partnerships with local and international legal headhunters that possess extensive knowledge and experience in their specific market.

As a result, we are a legal recruiting firm with some of the widest and deepest legal recruiting capabilities anywhere.

Find out how our network of legal recruiters can help you hire the right candidate, and deliver the perfect service for your attorney recruiting needs.

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Our Legal Market InsightsWhy Companies Continue to Use Legal Recruiters
Hot Practice Areas in 2017 for the In-House Legal Market
By: Vanessa Vidal

What are the hot practice areas in 2017 for the in-house legal market?

We are starting 2017 on the heels of last year’s political, technological and industry upheavals that have shaken up the business world. What will this mean in terms of hiring in-house legal departments?

What most experts seem to agree on for 2017 is that the new administration will likely results in a shift in the regulatory environment. Also, economic growth will likely depend on new U.S. industries, a shift back to U.S. manufacturing, and technological advancements.

Together, these drivers will likely influence which practice areas will be hot or not in 2017 for the in-house legal market.

Law firms and corporate legal departments are both seeking to hire qualified attorneys in regulatory and compliance positions. This practice area was heating up in 2016…

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