2016 Best Executive Legal Recruiters of Atlanta

By: Karen Anderson

The Small Business Institute has named ESQ Recruiting “2016 Best Executive Legal Recruiters of Atlanta” for excellence in legal recruiting and recognition of ESQ Recruiting as Atlanta’s best legal recruiters.  ESQ Recruiting been selected for this honor based on our executive legal recruiter’s exceptional results as national leaders in legal recruiting, helping corporations advance their capabilities by aligning them with the most talented lawyers and legal professionals across the country.

For nearly a decade, numerous corporate legal departments have relied on ESQ Recruiting to recruit the best legal talent, from attorneys to chief compliance officers.  ESQ Recruiting focuses on helping corporations, associations, not-for-profits, and professional services firms recruit, develop, and retain top notch in-house attorneys, such as General Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers, as well as other leaders and their direct reports.  ESQ Recruiting offer a full range of legal recruiting services and solutions designed to address our corporate clients’ talent needs.  Today, we are not only the 2016 Best Executive Legal Recruiters of Atlanta, but also the national leader in in-house legal recruiting.  Our executive legal recruiters have recruited and placed more attorneys and other legal professionals in corporate legal departments throughout the nation, than any other legal recruiting firm.

As pioneer and leader in in-house legal recruiting, our legal recruiters have been building and developing our national network of highly qualified experts longer than anyone else.  We know the people that you need to know, and the legal talent that can’t be identified from job boards, advertisements, or even other legal recruiting firms.  Our knowledge of the in-house legal market is also unparalleled; we know the players, positions, skill sets, and expected compensation packages in your market better than anyone else. As a result, ESQ Recruiting can provide matches that are tailored to the candidate’s experience and goals with an employer’s expectations, environment, and business objectives.  It is this specialized legal recruiting expertise that has helped ESQ Recruiting stand apart for the rest, and one of the reasons it has been named 2016 Best Executive Legal Recruiters of Atlanta.

ESQ Recruiting is home to some of the most respected legal recruiters in Atlanta, New York, California, and Asia.  We have offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, but through our local partners we serves various markets across the country including but not limited to Nashville, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbia, Milwaukee, Houston, and Dallas, Washington D.C., and Miami.  We also have international placement capabilities, with a focus on Asia, and have successfully placed candidates in China, Japan, and Singapore, just to name a few.

Our legal recruiters have specialized in recruiting candidates for Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Chief Patent/Intellectual Property Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Deputy, Associate and Assistant General Counsel, and other in-house attorney positions. Our experience completing numerous in-house attorney placements, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to companies looking to appoint their first general counsel, has given us insight into the practices best suited for ensuring that an in-house attorney search concludes with the hiring of a highly skilled attorney who will be a valuable contributor to the company.  2016 Best Executive Legal Recruiters of Atlanta, ESQ Recruiting has earned this recognition by successfully matching corporations with the most talented lawyers and legal professionals, something we are looking to continue to do for many years to come.

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Written on: 03/10/16 PDF Version