3 Reasons For Legal Headhunters

3 Reasons For Legal Headhunters

By: Karen Anderson

In this article we’ll take a look at 3 important reasons why legal headhunters are invaluable when seeking to recruit new lawyers.

The upsurge in legal headhunters over the last decade has transformed the legal recruitment industry and taken the lead in lawyer recruitment nationally. The reasons for this are many and wide-reaching, but we’ve identified 3 of the key factors that have taken legal headhunters to the forefront of legal recruitment.

The 3 reasons for legal headhunters:

Employment History – Legal headhunters will have a clear view of a potential lawyer candidate’s track records in other companies. The very best legal headhunters will have access to the employment history of a wide range of potential legal candidates.

This important employment history can really make a difference when sourcing the right legal candidates, as the legal headhunters can closely match a firms specific experience requirements with a wide range of legal candidates. This can ensure that your firm is only presented with candidates that legal headhunters who are the most suitable for your requirements – saving valuable time for your staff.

Tracking New Talent – As new legal graduates begin their legal careers, building their experience over time, legal headhunters keep track of them and watch their careers closely. They will also have a clear view of candidates and the type of roles they are looking for in the future – legal headhunters hold invaluable knowledge of fresh new legal talent. This can be vital when finding them the next legal role based on their experience and aspirations.

This ‘insider’ knowledge permits legal headhunters access to important up and coming legal talent, which could help firms fill important junior roles, and assist legally talented lawyers in finding the right new role to progress their career.

Employment Contract – With any recruitment comes the all important question of employment contracts for hiring lawyers. Legal headhunters specialize in this area, ensuring on the one hand that company recruiters use the best employment contracts for their new staff, and helping new legal talent have the right employment for the next step in their career.

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