How To Find The Best Attorney Recruiters

How To Find The Best Attorney Recruiters

By: Karen Anderson

For our blog this month we’ll take a look at how companies can find the best attorney recruiters. Finding the best attorney recruiters for your business can save you time, money and a lot of hassle when it comes to recruiting quality attorneys.

How do I find the best attorney recruiters? – With a wide range of attorney recruiters out there it can be quite a challenge finding the best attorney recruiters for your staffing requirements.

There are many general recruiters out there who can recruit a wide range of candidates, but who have minimal experience specializing in attorney recruiting, especially in-house attorney recruiting. When it comes to a specialized field like in-house attorney recruiting, it’s important to find an attorney recruiter who is dedicated to recruiting and attracting top lawyers in the various industries and practice areas. The best attorney recruiters will always have a full contact list of outstanding attorneys with the type of specific skillset required to be successful in-house.

Another important factor when finding the best attorney recruiters is to choose one not simply based on their in0house attorney specialization, but also based on the number of candidates they can access, and their specific track record of successful recruiting for companies in a wide range of industries and geographical location.

Like most specialized fields, attorney recruiters have specific knowledge and experience, so finding an attorney recruiter who knows the in-house market, the players, and the industry will have a significant advantage in conducting successful searches. Finding an attorney with the right experience and background to hit the ground running can save a company a significant amount of money in terms of retention and training.

So to summarize, to find the best attorney recruiters: (1) seek out a dedicated attorney recruiter who focuses exclusively on in-house attorney recruiting, (2) choose an attorney recruiter who the capabilities to recruit nationally as to widen the net and significantly increase the chances of finding the right candidate, and lastly (3) select an attorney recruiter with demonstrated success and experience making placements in-house.

Written on: 12/23/16 PDF Version