Which Legal Recruiter Should I Choose?

Which Legal Recruiters should I Choose?

By: Karen Anderson

Whether you’re an employer looking to recruit lawyers or a legal professional seeking your next career move, finding the right legal recruiter can bring huge benefits.

Legal Recruiters are a vital link between companies looking to hire lawyers and legal professionals looking to expand their career. But which legal recruiter should you choose?

Whether you’re a recent legal graduate or an experienced lawyer with specialist knowledge, working with a dedicated legal recruiter can bring the right career opportunities to your career. Choosing the right legal recruiter can widen the career opportunities that become available and help you make the right decision for your next employment position.

As a company looking to hire lawyers how do you find the right legal recruiter to handle your lawyer search? Any company who needs to recruit lawyers or a dedicated legal staff should find a legal recruiter who can speed up what can be a long and expensive recruitment process by offering a wide range of candidates, quickly and effectively. Legal recruiters who operate across the country and specialize in in-house legal recruiting will have a wealth of suitable candidates and knowledge of how to find others, saving companies time and money in recruiting top legal talent. 

So, as a legal professional how do you find the right legal recruiter for your career? Firstly, if you are open to considering the right employment position for your skillset and experience look for a legal recruiter who operates nationally. This can really make a difference to the type and range of legal roles that can become available to you. Secondly, get in contact with a legal recruiter who has a good track record of in-house legal recruitment and works with a wide range of companies in different industries. Last but not least, when selecting a legal recruiter, contact them in the first instance and speak to one of their dedicated recruiters. They can talk you through their track record, experience and discuss any opportunities they may have coming available.

Written on: 12/23/16 PDF Version