In-House Counsel Recruiting

The roles of in-house counsels, including general counsels, have developed significantly in the last few years. In-house counsels are regarded as integral strategic business partners of the companies they serve. These critical roles often navigate the organization’s route to profitability and success.

Whether large or small, public or private, global or local, every company or organization benefits from having an effective corporate legal department. Finding the right attorneys for the right position at the right time is a complex challenge best met with the assistance of a legal recruiting firm that has the experience and proven track record to deliver the perfect match.

ESQ Recruiting’s legal headhunters have years of experience and knowledge placing in-house attorneys, ranging from a company’s first general counsel to staff counsels in established legal departments. We recognize that candidates must not only meet specific legal requirements, but essentially become part of the company’s overall business and must therefore possess all of the attributes necessary to be an effective legal counsel and business partner.

As an in-house counsel recruiting firm with comprehensive search capabilities, ESQ Recruiting partners with companies across all industry sectors to identify exceptional individuals within their disciplines. With our ability to tap into a global network, targeted market intelligence and research, extensive legal profession contacts, and personal experience, our legal headhunters provide each client with a slate of highly qualified candidates. ESQ Recruiting is proud of its successful track record helping build first-class legal departments with the U.S. and around the world.